Joseph Aldridge

Writer, Poet, Master Procrastinator



Abominable is the story of a teenager in a family of monster hunters who discovers that even though he knew about the monsters, his parents were hiding the fact that he’s descended from yetis.

For anyone who was reading before 8 February 2017, I have revised the first three chapters for the sake of cohesion of theme, plot, and style.  The basic story, however, has remained the same.



Chapter One: The Opposite of Subtle

Chapter Two: Firebirds and Gasoline

Chapter Three: The Witching Hour

Chapter Four: Auras

Chapter Five: The Great Escape

Chapter Six: Snowfall

Chapter Seven: Handling the Truth

Chapter Eight: Sick Day

Chapter Nine: Heterocide

Chapter Ten: Aspirations

Chapter Eleven: The Ex-Informant

Chapter Twelve: The Witch’s Lair

Chapter Thirteen: The Last Phone Call

Chapter Fourteen: Window Locks

Chapter Fifteen: Blood-Shard

Chapter Sixteen: The Call of Winter

Chapter Seventeen: Attempted Murder

Chapter Eighteen: The Call of Summer

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