Silent violence, wrapped around me,
Try to drown me,
Let me see the sky
So I can lose hope as I die.

There’s a hole where I should have a heart,
I turn apathy into an art
Formed in pain too deep to chart,
I want to be sane but I just can’t start.

Silent burden, tie and yoke me,
Try to choke me,
Let me spot the sea
So that I cry out to be free.

Saved from flames, I’ll jump back in,
It helps me feel when my heart can’t win.
I feel no thrill and won’t again,
Where does this emptiness end?

Silent killer, come to take me,
Try to break me,
Let me feel the light
So I can know my life’s a blight.

Dig deep to meet my iron soul,
That screams defiance in this void
And walks unfazed in pain untold.
Death just makes me annoyed.

Silent sorrow, blame and fault me,
Try to halt me,
Let me run my track
Or you’ll find my knife in your back.

– Joseph Aldridge